Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Food Lion Going in the Wrong Direction

According to the article below, it sounds like Food Lion (a.k.a. Delhaize) will be converting most of its Blooms into Food Lion stores.  And honestly, I just can't understand the reasoning behind this.  Bloom stores are plainly superior to the sub-standard experience I usually get from my local Food Lion.

For those of you not familiar with Bloom.  Think of your local Harris Teeter.  I love my local Harris Teeter, and I know many others who do too. With large and fresh veggie selections, a nice meat and seafood department, selection of high-end cheeses, specialty items (like Indian and Thai foods) and large beer and wine selections, THIS is a place that knows how to make shopping enjoyable.

My few Bloom experiences were far superior to my usual Food Lion experiences.  I have two Food Lions near me, and usually this is my shopping experience.  Below are parts of some of my conversations that I've actually had at these Food Lions.

At the deli area:
Where's the fresh Parmesan?  No, I don't want the Kraft stuff stored at room temperature for 20 years.
Do you have any Black Forest Ham?  No?  Honey Ham?  No?  Any ham?
Do you have any good, crusty, bread -- like a French baguette or sourdough loaf?  No, not the Pepperidge farms breads -- REAL bread.

In the fruit and vegetable area:
Do you have any shallots? No, not scallops, shallots -- they're like little onions *sigh* never mind.

In the meat area: (assuming I can find a butcher, which isn't always the case.)
Do you have any non-farm raised (insert fish name here)?  No?  Didn't think so....
Can I get a boneless pork shoulder?  Not for another few days?

In the Dairy Aisle:
Why does it smell like sour milk?  Excuse me, sir? Your dairy refrigerator is over 60 degrees.  (His response:  "The refrigerator is on a DEFROST cycle."  When was the last time, you had to defrost your fridge?)

In the check-out area:
Sure, I'll help you bag my groceries.....

The Harris Teeter closest to me is always packed with people.  While the local Food Lions are comparably empty?  Why?  My guess is the HT offers an enjoyable shopping experience, with a large selection of high-quality foods and an inviting atmosphere. And if I want to stock-up on cheap pre-packaged stuff (like soda or chips) I'll just head to Target or Wal Mart -- not Food Lion.

When Food Lion (a.k.a. Delhaize) created the Bloom brand several years ago, I had hoped that ALL Food Lions would eventually adopt the Bloom example of freshly prepared foods, high quality produce, large selections, and an inviting atmosphere.

Sadly, with this decision it looks like we'll be losing some excellent grocery stores -- and I'm guessing that closing Bloom stores is just the beginning of closings for Food Lion.  After all, when was the last time you heard your neighbor exclaim "I love my Food Lion!"  Yeah, me neither.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Taco Bell Continues to Create Mexican-ish "Food"

Below is a great link to SFGate.com (The San Francisco Chronicle's website), which features a You Tube video of a guy eating a Taco Bell taco with -- get this -- a shell made from Dorito's (Nacho Cheese flavor, if you must know.)

This recent gastric assault is supposedly called the "Dorito Loco Taco" and is being test marketed in that bastion of Mexican culture and food -- Ohio.

Ok, so nobody there probably knows what real Mexican food is, but at least it's tasty!

And though I'm sorta poking fun at Taco Bell for this:  Taco Bell, if you're listening, please send me one!  It sounds delicious!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Recipe Friday: The Best Meatloaf Ever

I've gotta admit.  I've never really been a meatloaf fan (the food, not the ROCKIN' singer).  Maybe it's the thought of a loaf of meat.  Maybe because that meat should be on a bun.  Or maybe it's because I'd never really had it growing up.  Either way, me = not a fan.

So, when my wife shared the recipe from this month's Real Simple, I wasn't bowled over with enthusiasm.  However, Real Simple has rarely let me down. AND that publication is what really taught me to cook.  So, I decided to try it.

Boy, am I glad I did. This meatloaf is amazing.  Moist and delicious, with bacon and gruyere cheese, it smells like something that you'd find in a top-notch restaurant.  This is truly a gourmet take on an American classic.

My slightly modified recipe is after the jump. We added some extra bacon and gruyere.  What else would you expect from me?  Lemme tell you, it's amazing, and definitely worth a try.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bacon Perfume -- The Ultimate Seduction

It has come to my attention, that a company (or evil government conspiracy) has created my version of kryptonite -- Bacon perfume.

You read that right. Apparently, smelling bacon throughout the kitchen is no longer enough.  Now you, me or (HOPEFULLY) my wife can just spritz on the bacon smell.   God, I LOVE technology!

I'm sure you have questions -- I sure do.  Fortunately, their website has answers.  I've listed a few Q&As below:
Question: Do these fragrances smell like bacon?
Answer: Yes and No. These are sophisticated aromas. There is a top, middle and bottom note. Both Bacōn Classic and Bacōn Gold are comprised of essential oils, flowers, herbs and the essence of bacon. The bacon is the bottom note. Hidden in just the right place. It's there alright, and the real fun is in finding it.
Question: Are these fragrances considered a cologne or perfume?
Answer: Each fragrance is designed for both men and women. Pick the scent that appeals to you and uncover a new level of awesome.
Question: What is the difference between Bacōn Classic and Bacōn Gold?
Answer: Each differ in many ways but Bacōn Classic is best characterized as a spicey maple aroma and Bacōn Gold, a memorable sizzling citrus. Both however offer the same potency of the secret formula.
So, if you're looking to seduce the foodie in your life, go grab a bottle of this stuff.  I can't wait to give it to my wife for our anniversary! Click the jump for the website!