During a period of unemployment, I decided to flex my creative muscle and create a blog about one of my passions -- food (and wine).

So, now I visit restaurants in the Lake Norman area anonymously and post a review of my most recent visit. These reviews represent my experiences only and may not necessarily reflect your experience at these restaurants.

All restaurant scores are based on three categories (atmosphere, food, and service), and each category is given a numeric rating. Where 1 is the worst possible rating for that category, 3 indicates an average rating for that category, and 5 ranks exceptional rating for that category.

This score represents a sliding scale, where a restaurant is compared to other similar restaurants. For example, Tenders fast-food restaurant scored 4/5 in each category for a total of 12/15. This means that it was above average in all categories compared to other fast-food resturants.

This score does not mean that it is almost the same experience as 131 Main which scored 14/15. These are two different restaurants with vastly different menus, price points, service, and atmosphere. This is why I also provide an in-depth written review of my experience; so that readers can fully understand the difference between the two dining options.

But don't just take my word for it. I strongly encourage all of you to visit these restaurants too, and post your own thoughts. Your experiences and thoughts are important to this blog, and I hope to have a civilized discussion about different points of view.

The price scale is rated with dollar signs. Each dollar sign shows an increment of $10. So, $.01 through $10.00 is given one "$". And $10.01 through $20.00 is given two "$"s, which appears as $$.