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The Lake Norman Foodie Blog is the only daily blog that focuses on the restaurants of the Lake Norman area. This blog is now selling a limited amount of advertising space.

The Lake Norman Foodie Blog contains anonymous reviews of area restaurants, which are open to comments by readers of the Blog. To make this Blog user-friendly, links to a map containing reviewed restaurants are provided with contact information, ratings, and prices. The Blog also contains a wine rating every Wednesday and a recipe suggestion every Friday. In addition, every few weeks, the blog features a poll where readers can vote for a restaurant to be reviewed.

Featured on the Lake Norman Social website (, and found in articles by the Charlotte Observer and the Lake Norman Herald, the Lake Norman Foodie Blog is one of the fastest growing blogs in the area. Since February, the Blog’s unique monthly visits have increased by over 1,000%! Between February 28 and July 28, the blog has received over 7,700 unique visits, with over 2,100 unique visits during the month of July.

Ad information and rates can be found on in the link above. There are only eight spaces available. Four are large banner ads (two at the top and two at the bottom of the page), and the remaining four ads will be found in the left column of the blog. Once the advertisements are placed, these ads will be available in the same location on EVERY page -- over 170 pages and growing.

If you want to directly reach the readers in the Lake Norman area who are interested in dining out, advertising with the Lake Norman Foodie is the best choice you can make!


Lake Norman Foodie

Unsolicited Testimonials:
"I love your reviews! I just went to Tenders because of your review. I keep hearing about it but after I read your review of the place I decided to get some lunch there. " - Katy
"The food was fantastic and the smallness allows for exceptional service. Definitely will be returning. Great reliable review Foodie!" - Taj
"I moved to N.C. (Huntersville) last year and my husband and I read your "foodie" newsletter ... and try out several of the restaurants that you recommend." - Mindy