Friday, February 28, 2020

Who Makes the Best Pizza of Lake Norman?

From Troutman to Hunterville to Denver, we have a LOT of options for pizza. But, have you ever wondered which is the best? Well to try to answer that question, and to have a bit of fun, I've put together some brackets to help us answer that question. 

And here's the best part. YOU will decide the winner, via polls I'll set-up on Facebook:@lakenormanfoodie and Twitter: @lknfoodie. Voting will begin on my Facebook and Twitter pages on Monday March 2. Vote as often as you can. On Monday and Wednesday a head-to-head matchup will be listed. Totals and winners will be announced the following Friday.

I've *tried* to keep large chains off of the list. Also, I wasn't able to include every restaurant I wanted. In fact, finding a bracket that worked with the number of restaurants was a bit of a challenge. Also, you may notice that Matt's Chicago Dog in Cornelius makes an appearance. This is because they serve a Chicago Deep Dish pizza -- not easily found in our area. Lastly, I've tried to keep restaurants from the same area in the same bracket regions. But I definitely needed to move some around to make this thing work. So, if you have a pizza restaurant that you'd like added for next year, leave a comment below.

**DISCLAIMER -- I will conduct this as fairly as possible, but if for some reason I need to intercede, I will at my discretion.** 

The restaurants listed above include


Pelligrino's Trattoria  

Alino’s Pizzeria  
Brooklyn Boys
Johnny Brusco’s
Novanta 90 Pizzeria Napoletana
Pie In The Sky
Salty Caper   
Sebastiano's Pizzeria 
Turn 4 Pizza 
Tony’s Pizza

Davidson Pizza Company 
Dimaggio's Pizzeria

Brooklyn South 
Mama’s Pizza Express  
Matt’s Chicago Dog

Slice House 
Taste of Buffalo Pizzeria 

Giovanni’s Pizza and Pasta
Joey’s Food and Pizza

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