Friday, February 6, 2009

Recipe Friday: Pulled Pork Tacos

Here is a recipe I've been using for the past few years. It takes about 4 hours to cook, and about 30 minutes to prepare. I originally found this recipe on the website, and I highly recommend their site for easy-to-prepare, yet healthy recipes.

boneless pork shoulder (2-2.5 lbs)
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon pepper
2 teaspoons ground and dried cumin
1/2 cup apricot jam
2 jalapeƱos - seeded and sliced into rings
1 red onion - chopped

Over a sheet of aluminum foil, rub the pork with the salt, pepper, and cumin (I combine them all into one bowl, then rub the mixture onto the entire exterior of the pork). Then place the apricot jam, onions, and jalapenos onto the pork, and wrap in the aluminum foil. Now here is something important to note: baking all of this in the oven creates a LOT of liquid, that needs to stay inside the aluminum foil, as it keeps the pork moist and tender. So, make the aluminum seam along the top, and if needed wrap it in aluminum again, just to make sure.

Cook it for at least 4 hours at 300 degrees, serve with tortillas, cilantro, guacamole, and lime slices, and your favorite cerveza.

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