Friday, January 9, 2009

131 Main

Located behind a small strip mall, in a small Cornelius community, 131 Main offers big taste with a moderate price tag. When I enter, my mouth starts to water immediately. The kitchen is in plain sight and the aromas coming from it are intoxicating.

Upon seating, I can't help but notice the exposed brick and gas lamps giving it a relaxed, yet nice atmosphere. For a brief second I felt as if I were in Charleston, SC, and not Cornelius, NC. The service was impeccable, and even a dropped fork, was replaced faster than I could actually ask for a replacement.

If you're heading here, you should do yourself a favor and get the corn bread for an appetizer. In addition, you should bring your appetite. The portions are huge, and taking home a doggie-bag with the remains of dinner for two, still gave us three servings worth of food. I don't consider the menu to be large, but it has more than enough to choose from. In addition, the wine menu was very nice, and included options for all varietals and price points.

My favorite entree here is the baby-back ribs ($22). The meat is so tender, it literally falls off the bone. The fish special was also amazing, and I'm typically not a fish person. When it came time for dessert, we threw in the towel, and asked for the check -- only because we were so full. To be honest, we both wanted to try the home-made desserts, they looked fantastic.

With great food, service, atmosphere, and it's low-key location, I highly recommend 131 Main in Cornelius. I haven't tried the other locations, but if they're anywhere near the quality of this one, you're in for a treat.

Atmosphere: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Total: 14/15

Restaurant Info:
131 Main
17830 N. Statesville Rd.
Cornelius, NC 28031


  1. OMG! This is my FAVORITE restaurant. I bring all out-of-town guests here for lunch (because it is even more reasonable than the dinner $). I love everything on the menu. The Cannon, The Awesome Roast Beef, the fresh-cut shoestring french fries, the Cajun Fish Sandwich, the Crab Cakes, the Rainbow Trout - all amazing! In addition to the cornbread, order the Double Dip. It is a wonderful surprise for a queso dip and fresh guacamole. I could go on . . .

  2. Yes, this is my FAVORITE restaurant too! I attempt to try something different every time I go! The BEST so far has been the surf and turf, grilled california artichokes, wedge salad, and the wild mushroom and artichoke soup (YUM YUM YUM)!

  3. My hubby and I went to 131 for date night and I was very pleased! The corn bread and crab cake were GREAT and the staff was as nice as can be. It was a treat for sure and I would go again and again!

  4. Michele, I agree, the staff are amazing. Unfortunately last time I went they were OUT of cornbread. I was crushed! Everything else was great.

  5. Their food is always consistant and the best crab cakes I have ever had anywhere!!! I have to agree the cornbread is awesome and a great selection of wines and martinis. I will be going back again soon. If you haven't been to their wine bar called YN in Dilworth you should check it out, the food is great there too!

  6. The best burger anywhere. They make it the way u want it. Cornbread is a dessert, yummo.

  7. I'm done with this place. The food is expensive, portions too large, and not all that special. I went with friends during a restaurant week and the service was TERRIBLE. The first waitstaff came to take drink orders and was borderline rude and didn't know what the bar stocked. Luckily, she left without actually taking any orders. The selections for appetizers for the "special" menu were weird: better for sharing with two or four folks. Salads came out before the apps were half done. They were sent back. We had just started the salads and the entrees came out! Unsatisfactory. There wasn't even room on the table for the entree plates. The waitstaff couldn't care less about timing the customer needs. They just wanted to turn our table. Third time I've been there and none have gone well. They've had their chance.

  8. I have never in my life heard about someone COMPLAINING about a portion being too large.