Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I enjoy living near the Birkdale area. I like the shopping, the movie theater, and the dining. And while I've enjoyed many of the restaurants in the area, the place I keep going back to is Eez.

This past Wednesday, we arrived at Eez without reservations, nonetheless we were seated immediately. As we walked past the typically busy bar, we entered the larger dining room which contains the kitchen. The room is decorated with a minimalist Asian style and can get loud if the room is packed. However, this time it was half-full, and the din was quiet enough to allow for easy conversation.

Upon sitting we browsed the menu, and the waiter gave us a listing of the specials, and informed us that the wine was half price. Excellent! Next we looked at the menu, and a new menu insert. They now feature an order-your-own sushi menu. So, now you can list the ingredients you want in your sushi-roll, and they'll make what you want -- in addition to their extensive list.

My wife and I started with a new appetizer for us, the Sweet and Sour Pork Potstickers (try saying that 3 times fast!). I have one word to describe them. Absolutely amazing. Ok, that was two words, but one word really doesn't do this dish justice. The melody of flavors that washed over my tongue was fantastic, followed by some serious heat. This dish has two "peppers" next to it on the menu, indicating that it is "quite spicy." As far as I am concerned, it should have three to four peppers listed next to it. The heat was quite intense, and ALMOST overwhelmed the flavor for me. Next time I'll probably ask for it to be just a little lighter on the spicy.

Next came the orders from the sushi menu. First we had the Baked Fillet Mignon and Jalapeno Pinwheels. Yes, the meat is cooked (though rare), and yes, it's cow listed on a fish menu. BUT this is such a treat, you've got to try it. The filet is wrapped around jalapeno spears, and topped with a spicy cream sauce and mango. The flavors again swirled in my mouth, and I ate the large portions ravenously (when I say large, I mean a mouth-full per piece). Beware, this tasty delight costs $17 and has about eight pieces, but I believe it's worth every penny.

Next came our own sushi concoction. Shrimp tempura, kani, avocado, and cream cheese wrapped in seaweed and white rice. I thought it was good, but lacked the flavor of the previous dishes. However, that's not the fault of Eez, since it was my idea. Next time I'll stick with the standard California Roll.

And last, but not least, came dessert. After a furious debate we decided to split the Bananas Foster. Personally, I wanted the yummy Banana Spring Rolls, but I caved-in to my wife's charm and big brown eyes. Needless to say, I was unarmed against such an onslaught.

Back to the Bananas Foster. It simply melted in my mouth. Even though it was not served flambe, I can't deduct points from this rich and decadent dessert. It was delicious.

Atmosphere: 4/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Total: 13/15
Price: $$ (average entree between $10 and $20)

Conclusion: This family-friendly, asian fusion restaurant is a great and informal way to treat your tastebuds to new and enticing flavors. I go there at least once a month -- 'nuff said.

Restaurant Info:
16925 Birkdale Commons Parkway
Suite F
Huntersville, NC 28078

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