Friday, April 2, 2010

Who Has the Best Fries?

Today Helen Schwab anounced that the "Best Fries in Charlotte" come from Frans Filling Station. I've never been there and know nothing about their fries.

BUT, I do know something about Lake Norman french fries!

For me, I happen to love the Tenders fries and the Matt's Chicago Dog fries. Both are different styles and both are delicious!

The Tenders fry is a thicker cut which leaves it tender, and is fried without the skins. They have an almost robust potato flavor.

While the Matt's Chicago Dog fries are thinner, greasier, a littke crispier, and the skins are left on.

But enough about what I like and don't like -- what are YOUR favorite fries in the Lake Norman area? Leave a comment below!

1 comment:

  1. Love your blog and great reviews. Just wanted to chime in on the fries; are you sure your write up isn't backwards? All the Tenders (also 131's) fries I've had are thin, crunchy/greasy, with skins, and I've never been to Matt's to know what theirs are like. Maybe I'm thinking of a different Tenders???