Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Fabulous Foodie Giveaway!

Free stuff you can win!

Q: What happens when your little food blog gets noticed by a national restaurant chain?? 

A: You get free stuff, that's what!

A little while ago I was contacted by a Noodles and Company representative, asking if I wanted some swag (a.k.a.  free stuff).  So I did what any other underemployed PR professional / Foodie would do -- I said "Yes please!" (At least I said please!)

A few days later, I had a Noodles and Company T -Shirt, mood rings, mini football, and Free Bowl coupons.  Fortunately for you, I'm the generous sort.  So, mi free stuff es su free stuff.  (That's Spanish for my free stuff is your free stuff.)

Now, you're probably asking yourself -- "How do I get the free stuff?"  Great question!

Answer: Send an e-mail to me at lakenormanfoodie@gmail.com with Free Stuff in the subject line. Be sure to include your name and address (so I can mail the stuff to you). In one week I'll pick the winners and send it out.

Items to win include:
1 T-Shirt (medium)
1 Mini-Football
3 Free Bowl coupons
5 Mood(le) Rings (Mine says I'm "Upbeat and Passionate," and that I should be eating Mediterranean food -- no joke!)

Rules and Details:
  • Only one e-mail per person per day.
  • Additional e-mails from same e-mail address per day will be deleted.
  • Winning names will be picked by the Lake Norman Foodie through chance, luck, and blurred vision due to excessive wine drinking.
  • You may not win anything.
  • If you win one (1) item, you will no longer be able to win additional items.
  • The Lake Norman Foodie reserves the right to send you an occasional e-mail (which you can unsubscribe from.)
  • In addition, your e-mail address will probably be donated to the Lake Norman Wine and Food Festival, which will only use your e-mail address for an occasional update (which you can unsubscribe from) as next year's Festival approaches. 

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