Monday, August 30, 2010

Restaurant Review: Mint (Mooresville)

It's been a while since I had the chance to review a new restaurant in the Lake Norman area.  Backed up by projects and travel, my taste buds have been screaming for something new.  So, I did what any other Foodie would do -- I traveled up the road to try a place that I've been wanting to visit.  This day I wanted to visit Mint Indian Cuisine.

Found in the large strip-mall that houses Best Buy in Mooresville, Mint is relatively easy to get to.  However, if you take 150, be ready for a long drive.  With all the lights and traffic, the short distance can feel like an eternity.

I walked into Mint and was immediately seated.  Since I was there for the lunch buffet, I gave my drink order to the host (who also was the bus-buy and waiter) and headed to the prominent buffet tables found in the back corner of this small restaurant.  To my surprise, the selection was larger than I was expecting.

I'm having a hard time remembering the extensive array of foods, but it included a chicken curry (Chicken Tikka?), rice, coconut rice, a spinach curry, tomato soup (I was a little surprised about that selection), onion salad, pickled vegetables, Naan (lots of it!) and many other selections.

I helped myself to many of the items listed above and took my seat where my soda was waiting.  But before I took a bite I decided to take a look at the place.  The restaurant is clean but it gives a clinical vibe.  Unlike many of the Indian restaurants I've before, there is very little clutter and the restaurant feels just, well, clinical.  I probably got this feeling from the bare walls.  But, aside from a few things near the cash register, there is nothing that distinguishes the interior of the restaurant. 

But enough with the atmosphere -- let's munch!

Since I'm not a big fan of vegetarian curries, I went straight for the chicken curry that I believe was Chicken Tikka.  The chicken was plentiful, moist and tender, while the curry sauce was nice and thick. But the flavor was a little lacking.

** WARNING -- RANT AHEAD ** Unfortunately, this lack of flavor is something that I've noticed in many of the ethnic restaurants of the area.  It's like the restaurants are trying hard to appeal to such a broad spectrum of people, they choose to make the food on the blander (is that a word?) side.  This is just a bad idea all the way around.  If you're new to the cuisine, you're not actually getting a chance to experience all the flavors.  And if you're experienced at eating this type of food, all you're left with is an empty feeling where the taste is supposed to be.  Come on restaurants of Lake Norman, don't tone down the food!  I'm an adult, I can handle the flavor -- I promise. Rant over.

Aside from the previous rant, the food was good.  Nothing was over-cooked.  Nothing was under-cooked.  There was plenty of food, a large selection of food, and the different sauces and desserts were the Indian standards and perfectly good.  In addition, I'm a huge fan of Naan, and I just couldn't stop eating the stuff.

Atmosphere: 2.5
Food: 3
Service: 3
Total: 8.5/15

Kid Friendly? Yes.  High Chairs are available, and the linoleum floor will take whatever your kids can throw at it.
Price: $

Conclusion: It's one of the few Indian restaurants we have in the area, and the lunch buffet has something for everybody.  If it's your first time trying Indian food, give it a shot.  But if you're experienced with Indian cuisine and not there for the buffet, make sure they know it. I'm sure they'll be able to kick the flavor up a notch.
Restaurant Info:
Mint Indian Cuisine
591-N River Highway
Mooresville, NC 28117
p) (704) 660-8899


  1. I thought mint was spectacular! I loved the lunch buffet. Oh the picked vegetables and the chutneys. I can't wait to go back! The tiki masala was wonderful and the lentil curry stew was soo good. I also liked the chicken and spinach dish. Love it!

  2. I am also a huge fan of this restaurant, i have never thought 'lacking' while eating any dish in the buffet! so much to try and perfect flavors.

  3. I have been there recently it nice, and I think that comment is old! I liked the food, and the value, and the service

  4. I'm a big fan of Mint. I stop in for lunch once a week and thoroughly enjoy the food as a change from the usual Chinese food offerings in the area. I've noticed the amount of chilis being used in the recipes have increased, so choose carefully if you aren't a fan of heat.

  5. As much as I love Indian food and wanted an Indian Restaurant in this area, I find Mint really disappointing. I've given it several tries,but as previously mentioned if you know Indian food, this is really lacking flavor. My husband is from India and he cooks and we eat out Indian. I really wish they would stick to the authentic and spice it up!

  6. I thought the buffet was good with a variety of choices but I can see what the author was saying about the lack of spice...however, this is probably prudent on the restaurants in the area...come on!, seriously, the first Indian restaurant in Mooresville?...this whole area is lacking in ethnic food because the majority wants their fast food, steak and potatoes, and pizza...I really hope this business does well and will show Iredell County that perhaps it is time to experiment more with their palate and enjoy the cultures and food of the world...sometimes I feel I am in a bubble of mediocrity when it comes to food choices since moving here...hopefully some new exciting restaurants will pop that bubble. *side note---I am living in Statesville where food choices are much much much much much worse. And from personal observation, there seems to be an inverse relationship between how obese a community is and the diversity of food choices ---UGHHH

  7. I visited the Mint Indian restaurant this Fourth of July weekend with my family from out of tow, This being all first time for us, I really enjoyed this experience, and loved the chicken curry. I do wish they had knocked up the flavor a notch, But overall, I loved it. I can't assay what the rest of the family thought, but personally, I will now be a return customer. Thanks Mint Staff!