Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Disaster! (Almost)

Christmas Cake: Attempt 1
 Here's a photo of my wife's first attempt at making a carrot cake for Christmas.  Now, before you say, "Foodie, you're bashing your wife's cooking??"  No, I am not.

However, I am saying that I'm a man.  And with that comes a short attention span -- unless there's: A) Something shiny and sparkling; or B) Nudity. (Why do you think I like Vegas so much??)

Unfortunately, at the Harris Teeter, there's neither.  So, when I took a short look for All Purpose Four, and I reached for the flour, I didn't realize that I had picked up Self Rising Flour.

My bad.

So, this necessitated a last minute trip to the CROWDED grocery store.  There I procured some All Purpose Flour.  Got home, and saved the day!  (Which I almost ruined.)

Christmas Cake: Attempt 2
So, now here's a photo of the delicious final product.  And do you know why I LOVE carrot cake??  Because it has carrots, and therefore it is health food!  And that expanding waist line of mine?  It's ALL MUSCLE!  :)

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