Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wine Wednesday: Wily Jack Cabernet

When it comes to food, I'm not terribly snooty -- I'll eat anything as long as it tastes good.

But when it comes to my wine, I have a little bit of attitude.  I don't care if it's cheap or expensive, I just want the wine makers to deliver a good product.

So, when I saw the Wily Jack website I was worried.  Their homepage focuses on the label and not the wine.  Here is the first sentence of their homepage -- I kid you not:
Wily Jack wines have packaging that is graphically compelling and entertaining, with stories that chronicle the life and wisdom of Wily Jack.
Yeah, their website boasts that their wine bottlesthey have stories that chronicle the life of Wily Jack -- a fictional character.  Seriously, if I wanted to read while drinking -- I'd stick with Playboy Cosmo.

Click the jump to read the rest of the review and the score.

But aside from the pretty label -- that these guys take waaay too seriously -- it's a really solid red wine.

This Cabernet has less fruit and much more serious flavors like tobacco and leather.  But there is just a hint of fruit and currant, while the nose has some green pepper along with the tobacco and leather flavors.  In addition, it has a really nice lingering finish.

And for about $7.99 (on sale at Harris Teeter), the price is right -- VERY RIGHT.

This wine could have a permanent place on my shelf next to one of my favorite cheap wines Pine & Post.  You'll find me stocking-up on this wine almost every week.

Wine Review:
Score: 4/5

Price: $ (under $10)

Wine Info:
Wily Jack
2008 Cabernet Sauvignon
240 Gateway Road West

Napa, CA 94558
p) 707-299-2600

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  1. I got addicted to this type of wine before. I love its taste but it's not good for my teeth because I noticed that my teeth are getting yellowish. My dentist said that if I continue to drink too much wine, I might end up having dental implant Las Vegas because wine could rot my teeth. I decided to just drink occasionally then.