Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Has the Lake Norman Foodie Become the Lake Norman Fatty?

Being a foodie has it's perks!  I looove eating great food and drinking even better wine.  I've gotten to know local chefs, restaurant owners, and even folks that have wineries close by.

But it also has its down side.  For example: today's scale reading -- an outlandish 214.5 lbs.  Which rounds-up to:


That is the weight I had when I was in high school.  I was able to loose and keep it off for over 18 years.  It's been creeping up for the past decade -- Now, it's come back.


So, what am I going to do about it?  Well, I believe in moderation with all things, so here's my plan.

1) Try to cut back on the wine.  I'm not going to cut-back a LOT, but I think during the weekdays, I should try to limit myself to three glasses Sunday through Thursday.  Friday and Saturday are still open bottle nights.  :)

2) Eat some freakin' vegetables.  Before I moved to the east coast, I had very little meat in my diet.  Often, it was vegetables and pasta (with the occasional pizza and linguisa sandwich).  So, I'm going to eat less like I did last night (filet mignon with a herb butter; bread with olive oil, and artichoke with a garlic aioli), and more like I will tonight (Chicken Thai Salad, with lettuce, cucumbers, corn, carrots, red peppers and peanut sauce.)

My goal is at least two dinners per week that consist only of vegetables, and at least two lunches during the week that are mostly vegetables.

3) Work out.  I'm going for about three 30-45 minute resistance work outs.  With at least one long walk / hike during the weekend.

I'll be posting updates and will keep a tally going on the right side of this blog.  Hopefully, I can knock off some of this weight before I'm at the beach this summer -- I'd hate to get harpooned!

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