Friday, May 29, 2009

100th Post: Top 10 Restaurants

This is the 100th Lake Norman Foodie posting. This blog now contains 49 restaurant reviews, 18 recipes, and 15 wine ratings. Its come a long way since I first thought of it five months ago. But, this little blog is getting bigger every day, and I have you (the readers) to thank for that.

So, as a way to commemorate this occasion, I'm listing my Top 10 List of restaurants that I've reviewed. Keep in mind, these are my personal preferences and yours will probably be different.
But, if your favorite restaurant isn't listed below -- let me know! Leave a comment, and tell me what restaurant I'm missing. Chances are, I may not have been to it yet -- I've still got a lot to visit. Ahh, so many restaurants and such little room left in the waist of my pants!

1) 131 Main
2) Dresslers' Restaurant
3) Prickly Pear
4) Mickey and Mooch
5) Toast
6) Sangam Indian
7) Mama Mia Too
8) Azteca
9) House of Taipei
10) Brixx


  1. I'ld have to agree with you on 5 of the 10. Here are a few more for you to try... Maddi's is great for lunch...dinner is iffy. Eez is by far the best Asian around. North Harbor Cafe is great lunch or dinner...but never on a holiday. Joe Fish in Mooresville is great casual New England fare...the owners are native New Englanders...just ask then to say "car". For the best Greek around try Acropolis...and save room for dessert there. Tell me if you ever need an have my dream job.

  2. I tried to post but it seemed to go away. Ackkkk! Anyhow, La Unica, in the Food Lion shopping center is terrific! I really eat there about 2X a week! IT IS DELICIOUS! Try the fajitas! Mt fiances favorite is the tacos with cilatro and onions. AWESOME!!!! THe staff knoes us, so I can not comment on service, but I think they are great! Super food! You are missing out if you don't try this kick butt place~!

  3. Laurie, thanks for the ideas on Maddies and North Harbor -- those will be in the next poll.

    As for Eez. *Slaps forehead* DOH! I can't believe I forgot Eez!! Heck, I'm heading there tonite. Definately in my top 10. I'll have it bump House of Taipei.

    To the next poster, thanks for the heads up about La Unica. I agree it is very good. It's been almost 6 months, and I need to head back.

  4. Caruso's in Mooresville is excellent. Best Italian food in the area. Try Portofino's in Mooresville for casual Italian and pizza much better than Brixx.

  5. I hadn't heard of Caruso's or Portofino's. I'll be sure to add them to my list.

  6. Jeffrey's Restaurant on Exit 33 in Mooresville