Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wine Wednesday: St. Clement Merlot

Sitting down over a nice meal with my wife, I opened this 2005 bottle of Merlot to share. But after I had a sip, I wasn't so sure if I wanted to share it with my wife....
This wine is actually 93% Merlot and 7% Cabernet Sauvignon, and it's noticeable. The merlot doesn't taste as mellow / relaxed as other merlots that I've had. The Cab definitely adds some flavor and complexity.
This wine starts with a hint of leather, that gives way to a vibrant currant / berry flavor with a very slight hint of tobacco. Then finishes with a dry tannin.
Also, when doing a little research, I learned that I'm not the only one who likes it. Wine Enthusiast gave it a 92, and Wine News gave it a 90. Both rather good scores from folks who know their wines.
Rating: 4/5 It's a solid wine that I'll definitely buy again.
Price: $$ (I paid less than $20, but I've seen it for almost $30 online)
Wine Info:
St. Clement Vineyards
2005 Merlot
2867 St. Helena Highway North
St. Helena, California
p) 800-331-8266


  1. Oh, I really hope that you don't put your tomatoes in the refrigerator. That ruins their taste. Nice recipe though.

  2. $7.99 plus 10% off 6 bottles at Food Lion-Hurry!!!