Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wine Tequila Wednesday: Patron Reposado

Typically, today is Wine Wednesday. But in an effort to keep with the Cinco de Mayo theme, I'm reviewing tequila instead.

But I should warn you, this is new for me.

I like tequila -- I had plenty while in college. But that was the crappy-ish Jose Cuervo tequila. In addition it was consumed in one of two ways: 1) in a margarita, which masked the flavor, or 2) as a liquor shot, where it was on the tongue as little as possible. Because, let's face it, it basically tastes like gasoline.

This time, I spent some more money than usual, and got a small bottle of Patron Reposado. It was one of the cheaper Patron's. The standard bottle size for this went for about $50. But some went for over $130. "Reposado" means that it was aged in oak barrels for anywhere between two months and a year. The Patron website claims that their Reposado tequila ages for an average of six months.

After I uncorked the bottle, I noticed that this tequila has a mild but sweet and citrus-like aroma to it. The alcohol is mostly clear, but has a very slight gold tint to it.

Following tequila tasting guidelines, I am taking three sips, each one a little bigger than the last. The first sip is small and barely touches my tongue. It's a strong liquor, and it makes my lips and tip of my tongue tingle. With the second taste, I get more flavor, and a warming sensation down my throat into my stomach.

With the third sip, I swirl the tequila in my mouth. First off, it's MUCH smoother than the stuff I'm used to drinking. I don't need salt and lemon to kill the taste or burn. It's hard to describe the flavor -- I guess it tastes like the aguave plant that it's made from, but with a hint of citrus ... and 40% alcohol! In addition, the liquid had a slight oily texture to it. But I only noticed that after I had it in my mouth for a few seconds.

This tequila was made for tasting and sipping -- not for shots. If you wanna get drunk quick, get the cheap stuff. If you want to savor a good tequila with a steak (or at your desk, at 9:00am while writing a blog) this is the one to get.

FYI, with just an ounce or less, I'm already feeling it. This stuff is potent. What a way to start the morning!

Rating: 4/5. It's smooth, and the flavors complex. It's worth the money if you like tequila.

Price: $$$$ (small bottle, 375ml, was about $30)

Tequila Info:
The PatrĂ³n Spirits Company
6670 South Valley View
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

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  1. Love Petron! It also makes a wonderful gift for tequila lovers :-)