Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cafe Mia CLOSED!

A friend reported this to me earlier today, but I had to drive by to confirm it -- Cafe Mia is out of business. Aside from the display cases, the store is empty. And all that's left to tell us what happened is a short note on the door saying that Cafe Mia is closed.

The Cafe Mia website doesn't have any info about the closing, so I really have no other info to pass along.

I've gotta admit, I loved Cafe Mia. Their sandwiches and gelato were fantastic. I'll definately miss getting a gelato on a warm summer night in Birkdale. Hopefully another gelato place will eventually open nearby.


  1. Hi, I too am upset about Cafe Mia being closed. My husband and I were eating there pretty regularly (on a gelato binge) during the couple of weeks right before they closed and we didn't hear a single thing from any of the employees about the closing. We decided to call one night before going to see if they had their pistachio flavor (our favorite) and the number wasn't working which was odd because I'd called the week before to find out what time they close and they answered. Anyway, we went to J.D. Rocker's a few days after our failed phone call attempt and found the note on the door as well. I'd really like to know why they closed and boy would I love their pistachio recipe!

  2. These places close because the economy stinks and rent is still just as high as ever in the Birkdale area. Support your local restaurants! Independent local businesses provide so much more than all these chains everywhere, but don't have all the resources that help them to maintain in slow times.

  3. I agree, when given the choice, I'll choose a locally owned restaurant over the big chains -- about 9 out of 10 times. We gotta support the independent businesses!