Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wine Wednesday: Surf Point Chardonnay

If you've read my wine reviews before, you probably know two things about me: 1) I prefer California wines; 2) I'm easily suckered by pretty labels and marketing. So, when these two things came together in a bottle of a relatively inexpensive bottle of 2006 Surf Point Chardonnay, I quickly threw the bottle into the basket and headed for the checkout.

Because I've been suckered by pretty labels before, I was half expecting this label of palm trees, blue sky, and surf boards, to be a harsh acidic wine. I'm man enough to say when I'm wrong, and I was VERY wrong.

This wine was really good! It was a light wine, and tasted as if it was stored in stainless steel tanks. But that's not a bad thing this time. My nose detected light and fruity smells, with apple, lemon, and hints of mango. Where my tongue tasted some apple and peach. But with these tastes came a light and crisp mouth feel with very little acidic burn on my throat. Really, a very solid wine.

The Food Lion website claims that this wine is "exclusive" to them. However, a quick Google search shows that this wine is indeed for sale in other places. Either way look for this wine to be in the $10 range.

Wine Rating:

Score: 4/5

Price: $ - $$ (I bought it for under $10, but it shows for about $12 on some websites)

Wine Info:
2006 Chardonnay
Surf Point Vineyards
Graton, CA (According to, this is the company which produces Surf Point. However, I haven't been able to confirm this info.)

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  1. Just found 2007 Surf Point Cabernet Sauvignon
    and Merlot for $3.00 a Big Lots Dublin, CA...same thing I like a spiffy label and price!...for an evening glass of wine...let you know our take on the taste.
    SF BayAreaite.