Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cupcakes in Cornelius!

As you can probably tell by now -- I like food. And I like almost all types of food. But nothing gets my "Sweet Tooth" going like a cupcake.

Just think about it. Cupcakes are almost the perfect dessert. It's an individual serving of a cake -- complete with frosting! You can have as many as you like. AND you can mix and match until your tummy is full -- or your glass of milk is empty. It's like being a little kid again... but better since we can have as many as we want! :)

So, imagine my excitement when I can across Sweet Cakes in Cornelius. At the corner of Catawba and S. Main / Old Statesville. They have an amazing variety of cupcake flavors to choose from, and they look delicious.

Next time I drive by, I'll have to go inside to REALLY give this place the scrutiny it deserves. The last time I reviewed a cupcake it was from Delish, and that was last summer! So, it's high time I get by butt in there and do some investigating!

P.S. Why didn't you guys tell me there was a cupcake place in Cornelius???

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  1. I liked SweetCakes cupcakes (I tried vanilla, red velvet and lemon), but the hubby did not. I was only disappointed that the red velvet cupcake did not have cream cheese icing. Oh, and I did not like that the lemon cupcake had a lemon filling. Go somewhat early in the day so you have a good selection. Also, you can try their mini cupcakes on Maddi's dessert menu, but they were a big fail the time I tried them. Dry and hard, which I tried to nicely let SweetCakes know when I went by their storefront.