Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wine Wednesday: Napa River Chardonnay

Last week when I was on my way to Trader Joes, I was excited. Not only would I get a chance to find foods that I normally wouldn't find at the grocery store, but I'd get a chance to look over a new selection of wines too. Needless to say, once I made my way into the store, I was a very giddy Foodie!

As I browsed the wine aisle, I saw some wines that were familiar, so I skipped those. And eventually I made my way to the 2005 Napa River Chardonnay. The price was right (under $10), and I liked the description. So, I grabbed it. And made my way back home with a car-load of delectable goodies. (One day I'll be sure to mention the french pizza with onions, gruyere cheese, and ham!)

The next day I prepared dinner and needed a white wine. So, the first thing I reached for was the Napa River Chardonnay. When I poured it I was surprised by the pale light straw color. It was so light, that at first I thought it was completely colorless.

Next came the smell test. Yeah, right! With my allergies? I was lucky I wasn't sneezing into the wine glasses! To my nose the wine had a light floral aroma, but I could barely notice it with my limited sniffing capabilities. However, to be fair, my wife did confirm the light floral scent.

Then came the taste test -- yup, I was screwed. Sneezing and wine tasting don't go together. I didn't taste much. It has an initial sweetness that turns a little sour during the follow-through. However, I did detect hints of caramel and cedar. It should be noted, that my wife (who was my surrogate smeller and taster) commented about the light body and taste to the wine. It appears that the light smell and taste, and slight sweetness of this wine lends it to a summer wine.

Due to my nasal handicap this time, I looked online for some other reviews to see if I was in the ball park, and it appears that some others agree with me. So, even though my nose was giving me problems, my review is somewhat accurate.

Now, all I need is an aisle in the grocery store with wine AND Zyrtec -- I'll be in great shape!

Rating: 3/5; from what I could tell it was a relatively average chardonnay. Good, but not great.

Price: $ (under $10)

Wine Info:
Napa River
2005 Chardonnay
Napa, CA

FYI, this wine is made by Bronco Winery, the same folks who make Charles Shaw wines.

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