Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wine Wednesday: Red Bicyclette Chardonnay

Monday I was hopeful that I'd have good news to share with ya'll. I was the front-runner for a full-time job that would have me commuting to Raleigh a couple of days a week. It matched my skill-set, I'd have fun doing it, and I had a good interview.

However, things did not go as I had hoped. The President acknowledged that they had planned to hire me, but the Chairman of the Board had other ideas, and insisted on hiring someone else who had less experience.

So, looking for a way to cheer myself up, I chilled a bottle of Chardonnay and waited until 10:05pm, so I could enjoy the bottle while watching the Oakland A's take on the Red Sox.

The good news: the A's played a solid game and won.

The bad news: this wine wasn't what I was hoping for.

This light straw colored Chardonnay has a very sweet and floral smell. Which had me worried at the beginning. I thought it was going to be waaay too sweet.

However, when I let the wine wash over my taste-buds sweet wasn't the main flavor that I tasted. Tart was. The wine first hit me with sweet, and just when it almost became too much, it was followed by a tart taste that actually made me squint my eyes. It's like that fake apple taste, just concentrated to such an extent that it no longer tastes good. And all that was followed by a burning in the back of my throat.

Ugh. This wine tastes the same way the Red Sox played last night. Or maybe it just tastes like socks. But either way, I won't be buying this one again any time soon.

Rating: 1/5

Price: $ (About $10)

Wine Info:
Red Bicyclette
2005 Chardonnay
Languedoc Region, France

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