Monday, October 26, 2009

Lake Norman HS BBQ Fundraiser

I opened the Lake Norman Citizen last week, and I saw an ad that proclaimed, "Fall Food Festival!" I was excited. Fall? Food? Festival?? What's not to like? Right???


Stupid ad was for the local Wild Birds Unlimited store. No offense to the folks at WBU, I actually like their store and have found great gifts there, but they really got my hopes up over nothing. My excitement for bird food just doesn't match my excitement for people food....

But a few pages later, I ran across this tidbit. There's an upcoming BBQ fundraiser at Lake Norman High School. This Thursday, October 29, the BBQ will run from 4:30p to 6:30p. It will cost $10 at the door, and will include BBQ (your choice of pork or chicken), roll, coleslaw, and beans. Sounds like some good food for a good cause... sign me up!!

For more info about the BBQ call 704-799-8555.

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