Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wine Wednesday: Heitz Chardonnay

Ok, so I'm actually posting this on Thursday... but it's not my fault.... the dog ate my homework!

Wait. No. That was a lie. I don't own a dog, and lets face it, my cat will only eat tuna. So, I was busy yesterday and I didn't get a chance to write this. Ok?? That's the truth! (Mostly....)

But back to the wine, which came via California, from my parents. They wanted to share some of their fall-back wines. So, I readily agreed to the shipping terms (all I had to do was open the door for the UPS guy) and waited for the delivery. Shortly after the red and white wines arrived, I served them with an appropriate dinner.

The 2006 Heitz Chardonnay was a welcome addition to my wine holder. I haven't seen it at any of the local stores, and I kinda liked the label too. But when it came to the wine, my wife and I were split. The wine had a strong scent of pears and apples. However, the taste was that of acid and grapefruit. The acid gave it a crisp mouthfeel, and a lightness that usually comes with sitting in steel barrels, instead of oak.

This is something my wife really enjoyed. I however, am more of an oak barrel, buttery and oaky sorta guy. Don't get me wrong, I readily drank it. And the bottle was finished shortly after the dinner.

But this shows how wines can taste differently to different people. My wife loved the crispness while I found it wasn't my cup of tea.

But I'd like to thank my folks for the wine delivery! Sometimes its nice to have your own personal wine club deliveries! :)

Wine Rating:

Score: 3/5

Price: $$

Wine Info:
2006 Chardonnay
Heitz Wine Cellar
436 St. Helena Highway
St. Helena, California
p) 707-963-3542

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