Thursday, October 1, 2009

Star Wars Cupcakes!! (SQUEEEE!)

I have a confession. Yes, another one.

This one may shock you, because you're used to my suave and debonair exterior. But behind my cool and collected 007-ish looks lies the heart of a.....


I know you're shocked, and you feel as if the world is crumbling around you. And I don't blame you. You should feel that way. Go ahead and cry.... Ok, done?

Good, because you're gonna LOVE these Star Wars Cupcakes! They're AWESOME! The last time I saw something this cool, was when I was at the Star Trek Convention, and a Klingon was holding a Tribble!! (SQUEEEEEE!!)

Below is a link to the article. And for those of you who cook cupcakes -- can any of you make an R2D2 cupcake?? If so, send me a photo, and I'll feature it on here! May the Frosting be with you. :)

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