Friday, October 16, 2009

Recipe Friday: Brunswick Stew, Now with more -- SQUIRREL??

Ok, this recipe is really for Brunswick Stew. But I'm pulling it from an old-time cookbook called "Recipes from Old Virginia." My wife recently obtained this book during a business meeting in Richmond , VA. It contains some very, er, interesting recipes, next to some delicious ones.

To give you and idea of how old-time this Brunswick Stew recipe is, the first paragraph contains a little rhyme that starts with , "First catch your chickens...." The directions below the rhyme also contains, "Squirrel or rabbit is excellent in place of chicken." And sadly, during High School, I learned that the edible squirrel of choice is the Gray Squirrel. (No, I never ate one!) So, if you ever do substitute squirrel for chicken, now you know the one to use. :)

1 stewing chicken (can be substituted with squirrel or rabbit)
4 Irish Potatoes
1 pint butter beans
1-2 diced onions
Salt and pepper
1 pint canned corn or 6 fresh ears
1 pint canned tomatoes or 8 fresh
1 cup biscuit or bread crumbs.

1) Cut meat in pieces and summer with potatoes, butter beans and onions, salt and pepper until tender
2) Remove bones and add corn and tomatoes
3) Cook until vegetables are done
4) Add butter and crumbs to thicken like a stew

Aside from the old-time recipes, there are newer recipes. And many of the desserts look great. You can get this book by clicking here. I hope you enjoy!

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