Friday, March 6, 2009

Officially Launching!

After a month and a half of posting content and fixing glitches, this site is ready for a larger audience. So, today marks its official launch. Below is the press release to help get the word out.

FYI, Monday will feature a review of Mickey and Mooch in Huntersville. In addition, next week I'll be adding another poll so you can vote on which restaurant I should review in the near future. Thanks for reading!

-Lake Norman Foodie

Lake Norman Foodie Blog Officially Launches

Huntersville, NC – Today marks the official launch of the Lake Norman Foodie Blog at; the only daily blog that focuses on restaurants in the Lake Norman area. Online posts provide personal perspective on local restaurants in an up-front casual manner.

“My intent is to provide locals and visitors with a trusted source of information on Lake Norman restaurants, navigating the vast expanse of available options and charting a delectable course,” said the Foodie.

Already, 34 entries are available on the Blog for readers to peruse and digest. These reviews are intended to give an accurate portrayal of a typical restaurant experience. By remaining anonymous, the Foodie is able to provide a nonbiased perspective on each restaurant, and nothing is done to draw special attention to the fact that the restaurant experience will be documented.

To make the blog user-friendly, links to a map containing all of the restaurant reviews are provided along with contact information, ratings, and prices. In addition, the Blog also features a wine review every Wednesday, Wine Wednesday, and a recipe suggestion for the weekend every Friday.

For more information about the Lake Norman Foodie Blog, please contact or visit
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