Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wine Wednesday: Charles Shaw Merlot

When I started this blog I planned never to review a Charles Shaw wine, which in California is known as Two Buck Chuck, and on the east coast it's closer to Three (or Four) Buck Chuck. I wanted this blog to be a little more refined in the wine category. But then again, I bought a bottle of Three Blind Moose because of the label -- so much for being refined!

I first got to know Two Buck Chuck during a summer visiting friends in California. I've only ever found this wine at Trader Joe's, and I must say, even though it is a low budget wine, it is definitely a notch (or two) above jug or box wines.

This 2006 Merlot has an aroma which reminds me of plums, while the taste has a mellow plum flavor with a hint of cherries. However, this is not a wine that has overly developed the fruit flavor, in fact the fruit taste is very low-key. In addition, this wine had a very nice dry after taste, which helped the spicy dish I was eating.

Charles Shaw gets a bad rap for being such a cheap wine. It's easy to get snobby about a wine's price. Sometimes there's a reason to be snobby. However, this time there is no reason. It's a quality wine at a phenomenal price.

Rating: 3/5

Price: It's called Two Buck Chuck for a reason

Wine Info:
Charles Shaw
2006 Merlot
Central Valley, CA


  1. This wine is for those who are NOT wine people. It's best used for cooking.

  2. The great thing about wine, is that every person tastes something different from the same bottle. While I can't disagree about the cooking (I used it in a dish that night), I found to be a very good compliment to the dish I prepared. It's not the greatest drinking wine out there, but I don't think it's the worst either.