Monday, March 9, 2009

Mickey and Mooch (Huntersville)

In a poll that was available on this blog last month, I picked four of the nicer restaurants in the area that I hadn't yet reviewed. And you, the readers, voted. After three weeks of voting, Mickey and Mooch in Huntersville won. And this past Friday, I finally went there.

After we entered through the revolving doors, we found ourselves in a lively and crowded bar with Big Band Era murals on the walls. To be honest, I was suprised how busy the bar is, after all this restaurant is in the strip mall that is home to Target and Lowes. When I think of this area, a lively bar and a good restaurant are not what I think of -- perhaps I should change my thinking.

We were quickly taken to our seats and given a corner booth, where the two wall benches intersected. This made for a cozy dining experience, where my wife and I were able to sit next to eachother, yet still look at eachother too. The dining room was much calmer and quieter than the bar. Though there wasn't too much about the decor that stands out, I found it relaxing.

After looking over the menu, I selected the Lump Crabcake and Top Choice Filet. This comes with a house salad, for which I selected the Blue Cheese dressing. To compliment the meal, I ordered a glass of Coppola Claret Cabernet Sauvignon.

The wine arrived first. It had a good concentration and flavor, but it was difficult to smell with all the other good food related smells in the room. Shortly after the wine arrived the bread was brough to our table. The bread was cold (boooo!) but the butter was melty and spreadable (yaay!). Though the bread was cold, it was light with a flaky crust. If this would have been warm, it would've been amazing!

The salads arrived next. The salad itself wasn't noteworthy. However, that homemade blue cheese dressing was amazing. TONS of small blue cheese crumbles combined with a rich and creamy consistency -- I want a bottle of it at my house for every salad I make!

The entree arrived next, and I wasn't disappointed. The Lump Crabcake was delicious. It was a healthy serving of crab meat, and contained very little filler. In addition, it was served with a bernaise sauce that proved to be a perfect compliment to the crab.

I had ordered the filet per the restaurant's specifications "Hot Pink Center." The restaurant has its own version of rare, medium, well, etc., that are more speficic than the traditional way of stating how to cook the meat. And I wasn't disappointed. The meat was tender and juicy, while being seared on the outside. It was packed with flavor, and didn't contain any noticeable fat or gristle. In short, I ate the entire thing, and there wasn't any piece left on the plate -- and I never do that.

The crabcake and filet came with a HEAPING amount of mashed potatoes, with the skins still on (I love that!). They were moist and good, but could've been better. I would have added some more butter and a few chives to add just a little flavor.

Because we were enjoying the meal, we next ordered decaf coffee and decided to split a slice of carrot cake. The coffee came first and was very strong (especially for decaf), then I spotted it coming around the corner... the largest slice of carrot cake that I've ever seen. I've had actual cakes that were smaller than this gargantuan slice. All the eyes in the room turned to see this massive slice of triple-layer yummy goodness make it to our table. In fact, the people at the table next to us offered to help us finish the cake!

Size aside, this was a delicious cake. The flavors of the carrots, walnuts, cinnamon, and cream cheese frosting all mixed together to create one of the best carrot cakes that I've ever had We had a great evening, and I was very happy that the readers of this blog chose this restaurant. I've got some very smart readers! :)

Atmosphere: 4/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Total: 13/5
Price: $$$ (Most entrees over $20)

Conclusion: I've been to this mall hundreds of times, and I'd never seen the entrance to Mickey and Mooch until this visit. It's tucked away, but it's well-known to the locals. The food is great, and the wine-list is expansive. I highly recommend this restaurant, though the price is a bit higher than the plastic tablecloths would have you believe.

Restaurant Info:
Mickey and Mooch
9723 Sam Furr Rd
Huntersville, NC 28078


  1. the grits are great, and also that Blue Cheese dressing....YUM

  2. Don't waste your time by even trying Midtown Sundries, there once and will never go back!!

  3. While I completely agree with your rating of the food and service at M&M (try the huge chocolate cake slice next time with 7 of your friends), I might disagree with your relaxing comment. Every time I have been there (3 so far) I've left with a sore throat and ringing ears from trying to talk and hear over the noise. The general bar din resonates throughout the dining area and makes it very difficult to enjoy conversation with your party as each table of patrons talks louder and louder to be heard over the bar noise that floats in. At the cost of a (albeit very good) meal here, it is hard to relax and enjoy an evening out at M&M with this hurdle.

  4. The bar is fun and the place feels like a Chicago style steak house with dark wood. Steaks are good, the desserts are HUGE- we had 4 people and there was plenty. Will return in the future.

    With regard to sound level the bar area is loud (I like to think of it as happening) and if seated too close could be difficult to hear especally in a large group. Also have live music some and this may be loud in resteraunt, though not a problem where we were sitting.

  5. My meal was not very good, bad service. For the money I paid