Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Prestone's Cuisine (Trailer at Gilead and Statesville)

Recently, one of the local weekly papers ran an article on Prestone's Cuisine. It chronicled Executive Chef Kemalemir Preston Frashto and his latest creation -- the food trailer next to the BP gas station at Gilead and Statesville roads.

The food at Prestone's is promoted as Italian. (The website says: "a vision of creating Huntersville's finest Italian dining experience...") But I'd say it's more American cuisine with a hint of Italian and Bosnian flavors.

The menu has everything from Chicken Tenders and Cheeseburgers, to Italian Schnitzel and Funnel Cake. It took me a little while to decide,but I eventually placed my order for a Bosnian Traditional Burger and a Deep Fried Twinkie. Yes, that's right -- a DEEP FRIED TWINKIE! YUM!!!

It took a while for my order to get cooked -- almost 15 minutes. So this isn't the fastest meal. Also, it's a little disorganized. I had to give my order about 3 times. But the final product is good!

The Bosnian Burger was a combination of 20% lamb and 80% beef. The meat was seasoned with spices that gave it a mildly exotic flavor. It's not something that I don't usually taste so I honestly can't identify it. Though the meat was slightly more pink that I prefer, the actual burger patty was quite good.

The burger was topped with an interesting condiment. It tasted like a tomato paste with paprika and roasted red peppers. It was an interesting flavor. Again one that I'm not used to tasting. The fries appeared to be freshly cut and cooked. The fries were good, but they could have been a little crispier and there should have been a few more.

Then came the deep fried twinkie. I have one word. YUM!!! Yes, it's bad for me. Yes, I could actually feel my arteries hardening. Yes, it's the one food that would survive a nuclear winter. But I don't care. It was good, gooey, and creamy! It was served with whipped cream and a cherry (nice touch!). But in all honesty it woulda been just fine by itself.

Atmosphere: 0/5 (No Seating)
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Total: 7/10

Price: $
Kid Friendly: The food is kid friendly, but you'll be eating at home.

Conclusion: Unique flavors and foods help to separate this place from the normal greasy spoon. Aside from the longer than expected wait time, and slight disorganization with the order, this is a place you should try. I really like the fact that most of the food is made there and not pre-prepared.

Restaurant Info:
Prestone's Cuisine
BP Gas Station at Gilead and Statesville Rd.
I-77 (exit 23)
Huntersville, NC

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