Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wine Wednesday: Matchbook Tempranillo

This wine is yet another new experience from my all too brief (aren't they always?) vacation last week. After dinner at High Thyme, my wife and I walked next door to a coffee store. This is one of my favorite coffee shops EVER. Do you know why?

Time's UP!

Not, it's not just because they sell coffee. It's because they sell coffee AND wine. Yeah, I could have moved in and never left.

While perusing I ran across this Tempranillo by Matchbook. If you're like me you're asking. "Tempran-What-A?" After a brief Google search, I learned that Tempranillo is a wine grape that is Spanish in origin. And it's at it's finest when mixed with other wines.

Apparently the folks at Matchbook know their stuff because this wine was rockin'. Served with pasta and home-made tomato sauce, this wine held its own against the acidity and robust flavor of the sauce.

At first the wine was slightly dry. But after a second, WOW. My palate was hit with flavors of cherry, fruits, a hint of vanilla and a whiff of leather. The wine shows a complexity I wasn't expecting. And it's REALLY good.

For the price, it's one of the best wines I've had. This seriously needs to be on your shopping list.

Wine Rating

Score: 5/5

Price: $$ ($15)

Wine Info:
2006 Matchbook Tempranillo (Blend: 77% Tempranillo, 14% Petite Sirah, 9% Graciano )
Dunnigan Hills, California

Crew Wine Company
12300 County Road 92B
PO Box 493
Zamora, CA 95698
p) 530-662-1032

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