Friday, September 25, 2009

Recipe Friday: Another Tomato Sandwich

A while ago, I posted a recipe for a Tomato Sandwich. The outcry to this recipe was amazing. I received many e-mails about it, and most claimed the posted recipe was a bastardization of the traditional tomato sandwich, which is basically a tomato on white bread.

I learned my lesson, and I didn't want to challenge the taste buds of soo many readers -- UNTIL NOW!

Last week, while making this recipe I stumbled across another tomato sandwich variation that I had to share.

I was just sitting there enjoying my barbecued steak dinner, and then I decided to put a slice of my home-grown tomato on the barbecued bread with melted jack cheese. I have one word for this.


The fresh tomato mixed with the Monterey Jack cheese and the smokey flavor of the barbecue to create something truly amazing. Once we tried this, my wife and I ignored the steak, and just ate this modified open-faced sandwich.

So, below is the recipe for this amazing sandwich. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

French baguette
Olive Oil
Monterey Jack Cheese
Salt and Pepper
Fresh Tomatoes

1) Brush the baguette with olive oil on non-crust side(s).
2) Top the olive oil with small amount of salt and pepper.
3) Place olive oil side(s) of bread onto grill, until slightly toasted. (Beware of flame-ups!)
4) Remove bread from grill, place aluminum foil onto cooler parts of the grill, and top with toasted bread.
5) Top bread with generous portions of Monterey Jack cheese.
6) Cover grill and let cheese melt.
7) Remove cheesy bread from grill.
8) Let cool slightly, and top with fresh tomato slices.
9) Dig in!

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