Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cheeseburger in Paradise Closed

I drove by this weekend and noticed that Cheeseburger in Paradise was closed.

Just so there can be no mistaking, the windows and doors were boarded up. Well, I guess that's one place to take off my list!

Just out of curiosity, did any of you ever eat there? If so, how was is? Most of the reviews I found online weren't very favorable


Update: If you have news of any restaurants closing or opening, let me know!


  1. It was my husband's favorite local burger- thick, juicy, with lots of topping options. I enjoyed the different salads I tried there. The atmosphere was festive and good for only the two of us, or for a larger table. Really surprised to hear it had closed- maybe they are going to be moving to a more accessible location.

  2. A friend and I ate here on opening day after normal lunch hours. We never returned. The burgers took 30 minutes and were raw inside. Expected burgers to be a safe bet considering the name.

  3. My friends and I ate there time after time, it was one of our favorite spots to grab dinner, or to start a girls night out. I never had any complaints about the food, and the drinks were fabulous! I was so sad to hear it closed!!!!

  4. I ate there several times. The food was just ok. The Mojitos were great. I havnt been there in over a year. Maybe that location will have a NEW resturant. That would be great.

  5. I went there several times with my husband and it is your typical commercialized food with overpriced foofoo drinks. I love a good turkey burger, which they had but you can tell it was frozen before they cooked it. I did enjoy the fact that you could eat healthy there- turkey burger, wheat bun with a side of brocolli, but it was too expensive for so so food. I am sad to see it close though because I did enjoy the atmosphere.