Tuesday, June 23, 2009

North Harbor Club

I'd been itching to go to the North Harbor Club (Club) for a while. I've driven by on 77, and it looked great. I could see boats, outdoor seating, and that it had good views of the lake . . . really, what more could you ask from a restaurant? So, last weekend my wife and I decided to give it a try. We left happy, and it wasn't just from the wine!

Our trek to the Club (don't worry, it's not really a club -- just a restaurant) began when I tried to get reservations at Eez, and was put on a 40 minute wait list. It was almost 7:00pm, and we were hungry after a day of kayaking. So, I let my fingers do the walking -- to 411, not the phone book -- and called the Club. I was told the wait was 10-15 minutes. I asked to be put on the wait list, because I'd be there after a 10 minute drive. They indulged this request, and when we arrived, we were the next to be seated. EXCELLENT!!

Even though it was hot, we grabbed an outside table. The sun was originally in our eyes, but it was setting behind the trees from across the small harbor, and soon we were cooling down with a cold glass of chardonnay.

We took a look over the menu, and had a hard time deciding what to get. To start, we decided to split two appetizers: the Toasty Brie with Apricot Chutney and the Wedge Like Salad.

The brie dish was a breaded baked brie served with an apricot chutney, black peppercorn biscotti (to spread the brie on), and a small arugula-frisee salad topped with a macadamia nut vinaigrette. I loved the brie -- by itself. The apricot chutney was a little too sweet to work with the brie. And the peppered biscotti was WAAY to strong for the brie. When I tried all three together -- as I think was intended -- all I tasted was apricot and pepper. The brie was completely lost between the two. I had a bite of the arugula salad, but I was more interested in trying the Wedge Like Salad.

The Wedge Like Salad was everything you'd expect on the typical lettuce wedge salad, minus the wedge. Iceberg lettuce, bacon, tomato, and a blue cheese /ranch dressing. Now THAT was delicious. My wife and I were splitting it. But after a few seconds, we started a fencing match with our forks. Each of us parrying each others fork advancements, trying to save our bacon (literally!). Unfortunately, I was also pre-occupied with trying to finish the brie. So, some bacon was lost to the steadily advancing fork of my wife.

Next came the main course. I ordered the Herb Crusted Tilapia. The tilapia was breaded (I'm guessing there were were some herbs in the breading), and fried. It was accompanied with a "crisp ricotta whipped potato" cake (which was again fried -- but hey, it's the South. A LOT of stuff is fried.) and served with an oven roasted tomato and basil vinaigrette.

The tipalia was light, flaky, and cooked to perfection. The basil vinaigrette added a nice tangy flavor to the fish, and I was hooked (get it?). Then I had a bite of the potato cake. OMG! It was sooo frakin' good! Really, I could have just had the potato cake. I hope they make this an appetizer, because I'd order 3 of them before my meal. The potato cake consists of VERY creamy mashed potatoes, whipped with ricotta cheese. It is then breaded, and fried. Yeah, it's a cholesterol buster -- but it's worth it.

Atmosphere: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Total: 13/15
Price: $$$$ (Including wine and tip, just under $40 per person)
Kid Friendly: Unknown. I didn't notice any high chairs or kids menus.

Conclusion: It's a little on the pricey side (most entrees in the high teens)but most of the food is great, and the dining experience doesn't get any more relaxing with the docks and water within throwing distance. It may not be a good place for dinner every night, but I think it's a great place to splurge every now and then, or to hang out at night for some drinks.

Restaurant Info:
North Harbor Club
100-D North Harbor Place
Davidson, NC 28036
p) 704-896-5559


  1. You haven't lived until you have tried their flat iron steak dish...

  2. Don't go here if you want to ask for anything other than exactly what is on the menu. After speaking with the manager, they will not accomodate any special orders or needs.
    Will not go back until the management changes and recognizes the importance of customer service.

  3. We were out for a boat ride with friends and stopped in for appetizers and drinks. The food was great, but except for the bartenders the feeling was very snooty!

  4. Food was ok but the management was unbelievably bad. Wait staff was very snooty and when we wanted to file a complaint the manager threatened to call the police. Poor, Poor, Poor,. We took a party of six and will NEVER go back. Everyone seemed to be little Sid Morris clones!

  5. It is the most up-scale restaurant accessable by boat on Lake Norman. They usually have enough dedicated boat slips to get in. In addition there is a neat wine shop next door that has 2 slips for customers.