Monday, March 7, 2011

Foodie Weigh In #2

I hopped on the scale this morning was was shocked to see that I was down to 211 lbs.  This week was full of work, not work outs.  I only had one resistance training, two 30 min. yoga sessions, and a 30 min. walk.  Not the amazing work outs I had planned.

But, it appears that the healthier diet is working.  I had several salads again this week.  And I stayed completely away from fried foods (except for sharing a bowl of kettle chips on Saturday.)

Well, it appears that something is working, so I'll be keeping this up!  On the down-side, I'll be doing some traveling this week, and plan to see some old friends at a free dinner with top-shelf drinks and gourmet food.  I may come back heavier than ever!

Wish me luck!

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