Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Now in England - Chimp Meat?!?!

It's been less than a week since my Breast Milk Ice Cream post -- now it comes out that there's a black market for CHIMP MEAT.

Yes, that's right, somebody is using our little monkey friends for food.

Ordinarily, I'm OK with people eating most things that are edible, and I understand that in come countries Fido is on the menu.  While I wouldn't do it, I'm OK with people who do.

But this is too far.  Chimps are, genetically speaking, about 95% - 98% identical to humans.  I'm sorry, but that's almost the same percentage of some dorm-mates of mine in college!  And that comes too close to cannibalism for me to be comfortable with it.

Hit the jump for a link to the article:

Chimpanzee meat is for sale in restaurants and market stalls in Britain

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