Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wine Wednesday: Rosemount Shiraz

Last weekend I hit the local grocery store and wanted to find a red wine that I'd never tried before. I didn't know what I wanted -- but I'd know it when I found it. After a few minutes of perusing, I found it.

A 2005 Rosemount Shiraz.

For those of you who don't know -- the syrah and shiraz grapes are the same. Most of the world uses the name syrah. However, in Australia they like to do things a little differently -- so they use the name shiraz. Also, the bottom of the bottle is square -- literally!

But if this wine is different -- I like different!

This 2005 Shiraz is one of the smoothest red wines that I've had. There was never an acidic kick. It hit the tongue smooth, went down smooth, and left me wanting more. It was sort of like drinking water -- REALLY REALLY tasty water!

This Black Diamond Label from Rosemount had a stong currant flavor, with a hint of cherry, and an whiff of leather. All these flavors mixed together well and produced a light, yet deep, red that would seem to compliment anything from pizza and pasta to steak and lamb. However, because of it's smoothness, it would also be perfect just for sipping.

Add this to the fact that this wine is less than $10, and I've come to believe that this is a wine that everybody should have in their house.

FYI, according to Rosemount's US website, it looks like they've got some sort of sponsorship deal with the upcoming Season of Hells Kitchen on Fox. So, this winery may become a household name pretty soon.

Rating: 4/5

Price: $

Wine Info:
2005 Rosemount Shiraz, Bkacj Diamond Label, South Eastern Australia
Rosemount Estate
GPO Box 753F
Melbourne VIC 3001
p) +61 3 9633 2000

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