Monday, July 20, 2009

Queen's Feast: Mickey and Mooch

Last week was Queen's Feast (a.k.a. Charlotte Restaurant Week). As you know, I encouraged all of you to go out and participate. What kind of Foodie would I be if I didn't partake in the festivities too?

So, in an effort to keep my tummy full, and not appear hypocritical, I visited the local Mickey and Mooch, and ordered from the Queens Feast menu. Now, as you know the Queen's Feast was promoted as 3 courses for $30. This was one better, it was 4 courses for $30! Yup, that's right, I could order an appetizer, salad, entree (with side), and dessert for $30! YAAAY!

My wife and I walked in, and were promptly seated. This time we were in another room, that had a door to the outside patio. This room was sorta dull and drab. Our table was next to a recently patched wall (not yet painted), and overall the room seemed to be lacking in any sort of ambiance. It was more utilitarian than anything else. Which is too bad, because I love the atmosphere in the bar -- they need to extend that atmosphere into their dining rooms!

Our waitress immediately greeted us, and told us about the menu. We asked for a few more minutes to make a decision, and looked over the menu. As I looked over the menu, I realized that this was an easy decision. Crabcakes for the appetizer. Caesar for the salad. Fillet Mignon with blue cheese coleslaw for the entree, and Key Lime pie for dessert. Combine that with a Red Diamond Merlot, and this evening was loaded with potential!

Our generously poured wines arrived first (these were at least 1.5 standard pours!), and my crab cakes quickly followed. My wife's shrimp cocktail was a few minutes behind, because they were making the cocktail sauce.

These crab cakes, were small and round crabcake fritters. Six were on the plate, and the were presented in a small puddle of tobasco butter. I've gotta say, Mickey and Mooch knows how to make a good crabcake. It was absolutely delicious, and contained a minimal amount of filler. In addition, it was fried so that it was slightly crispy on the outside, but warm and tender on the outside. My only complaint is that I had to share it with my wife, while waiting for her shrimp cocktail!

Next came the Caesar salad. It was OK. It wasn't great, or bad. It just seemed -- blah. It needed something. Maybe a little zing to the dressing, or a few croutons? It should be noted that my wife's green salad with the soy ginger dressing was much better than mine! The dressing was amazing.

Next came the Filet Mignon. All I can say is WOW. It was a 9 oz. piece of lean meat that was juicy, tender and pink on the inside, and seared on the outside. It was, literally, the most perfectly cooked steak that I've ever had. It was delicious, and I dug in.

The accompanying side of the blue cheese coleslaw, was very good. The cabbage was nice and crunchy, and the blue cheese flavor worked well with the filet.

Unfortunately, by this time my wife and I were full. Neither of us were able to finish our entree! So we took the remaining filets home, and had our desserts packed to go as well. It should be noted that we made some amazing steak sandwiches the next day. I customized mine with the coleslaw on top -- utterly delicious!

As for the dessert, it's still in the fridge, I hope to get to it later tonight.

Atmosphere: 3/5
Food: 4/5 (the only thing that kept this from being a 5/5 was my salad)
Service: 5/5 (our waitress was very attentive and friendly)
Total: 12/15

Price: $$$$$ (including tip, this was about $45)
Kid friendly: Yes. Like most restaurants in the LKN area, you could see kids of all ages here.

Conclusion: The weaknesses of this meal were the atmosphere of the room, and my Caesar salad. Aside from that everything was amazing. Our waitress was amazingly attentive, and the filet mignon was the best that I've ever had.

Restaurant Info:
Mickey and Mooch
9723 Sam Furr Rd
Huntersville, NC 28078
p) 704-895-6654


  1. I love that Blue Cheese Cole Slaw and would love to make it this weekend for company. Does anyone have the recipe???

  2. Biggest negative is that one needs ear plugs. Noisy doesn't begin to tell the story of the accoustics here.