Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Need a logo for the Lake Norman Food and Wine Fest

As you know, over the past few weeks I've started moving forward on the idea that is the Lake Norman Food and Wine Festival (TM). Over the past few weeks I've met some great people, and every day I'm a little more convinced that this will happen. (Finished line-item budget last night!)

So the other day, while I was getting ready to put together letterhead, business cards, and a website, it hit me. I need a logo!! Something that will look good on all communications. Something that screams "Lake Norman Food and Wine Festival." So, I thought I'd make something....

As it turns out, my graphic abilities stopped advancing when I was three years old. And I hear that color crayons don't work on computer screens very well (that's what my wife said when cleaning her screen with Windex). So, dear readers, I need your help.

From now through Tuesday, November 24, we will be accepting any and all logos e-mailed to tom@lakenormanfoodandwinefestival.org. The winning logo will be chosen based on its ability to encapsulate the "Lake Norman Food and Wine Festival" (TM) and the logo's level of awesomeness. It will be used on most paper, broadcast, and electronic communications; and in those communications, credit will be given to the artist (name and URL), when possible. In addition, the winning artist will be given a booth space at the Festival in the merchants area.

Yes, I know that money would be preferable. But this is planned to be a startup non-profit that will give much of the proceeds to charity -- hence, there is no money!

For those of you thinking about submitting a logo, here are some things to consider:
1) The Festival will be held in late spring during the day.
2) There will be food and wine.
3) Each logo must incorporate the words "Lake Norman Food and Wine Festival."
4) Winner will be chosen based on artistic ability, clarity of logo at smaller sizes, ability to encapsulate idea of festival, and whatever random whims befall the judge(s).
5) Winning logo will be seen on most print, broadcast, and electronic communications from the Festival organizers. Where practical, the winner's name (or company/group) and URL will appear on those communications. In addition, the winning artist will be given a (free) booth space at the Festival.
6) This contest is open to all individuals, companies, educational institutions, associations, or groups who wish to enter.
7) Each entity may submit up to three logos entries to tom@lakenormanfoodandwinefestival.org.
8) Each submitted logo should be JPEG format and no more than 750 x 750 pixels (we'll contact you for higher-rez if needed.)
9) Entries must be recieved by midnight, Wednesday, November 25.
10) Winner will be notified via the e-mail address from which the logos were sent.

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