Friday, November 13, 2009

Recipe Friday: Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and you know what that means -- TURKEY!!!! Lots and lots of turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce (from the can) and a whole lotta stuff.

But lets face it, it's the turkey that rules the roost. It's what we all think about and look forward to. I've been cooking the turkey for a looong time now, and I've finally got it down to a science. The ingredients? Bacon, butter, herbs, more bacon, more butter, and a nice chardonnay. It's a modified version of my Grandfather's recipe. He used the bacon and butter. I added the injecting of the herbs and wine. :)

My recipe is below. But this got me to thinking -- what do you do to your turkey for Thanksgiving?

1 small turkey
1-2 packages of bacon
lots of butter
2 cups of chicken broth
1 tbsp of thyme, sage, and rosemary each
1/2 cup of wine
pre-made stuffing
1 Turkey Injector

1) Prepare turkey as necessary. (Thaw, remove neck and gunk, and wash with water)
2) Mix broth, herbs, and wine in blender, then strain, and put into bowl. Then fill injector.
3) Use injector to inject liquid into breast, thigh, and drumsticks.
4) Coat turkey with butter.
5) Fill turkey cavity with stuffing.
6) Top every part of turkey with a layer of bacon, adding new bacon as old bacon shrinks.
7) Cook as directed, basting with remaining injector liquid and butter.
8) Remove bacon one hour before done cooking to let turkey skin brown.
9) Serve with lots of sides and family.
10) Enjoy!

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