Friday, August 28, 2009

200th Post!

This is my 200th post! Started in January, this blog has continued to grow -- and kept me from getting bored! I've enjoyed getting to know many readers via their comments and e-mails. Now, is your chance to actually meet me. Anonymity be damned! :)

So, here's the contest I warned you about. Below this post, click on the comment link (or click here), and enter your own restaurant review in the text box. In that posting, be sure to include your e-mail and first name. This way I'll be able to contact you, and let you know if you're the winner.

In one week, I will determine the winner based on their writing ability, restaurant and food descriptions, and sheer luck! :) The winner (and a friend) will be invited to share a bottle of wine with me at a local wine bar -- my treat!

So, gimme a restaurant review! It can be any restaurant in the Lake Norman area.

Good luck!

-Lake Norman Foodie


  1. This isn't what you typically think of when you think of a restaurant. Well, honestly, neither did I. Hardees of Denver. What?! Hardees? A restaurant? I know. As I said, it's not what you would typically think of as a restaurant. However, I believe that if Jason's Deli falls under that category (as a restaurant) then so should Hardees of Denver.
    Tonight, I was debating on where to eat to do my first food review (to celebrate Lake Norman Foodie’s 200th Post!). No, Hardees was not my first choice. However, Hardees is a choice that I am very glad I ending up making!
    My daughter and I walk into Hardees, which a section was warmly filled with locals talking with each other. At the counter, looking up at the menu, I was very surprised! The menu had completely changed from the last time I was there (this is because I typically only grab breakfast from the drive thru). The menu board looks similar to burgers you would see on a steakhouse menu. I ordered a Little Thick Burger combo with crispy curls (yes, my choice of fries)! My daughter ordered a cheeseburger kids meal with french fries. Now picture this! After paying and receiving our drink cups, I am given a number! Yes! I do not have to stand at the counter waiting on my food. I take the number and set it on the table and the food is then brought out to me!
    Another shocker!!! The food is not on one of those serving trays! The kid's meal came in the typical bag; however, my meal came in a lined basket. My burger was wrapped only partially so it was ready to eat and the wrapper would catch the mess!
    The burger was perfect! Grilled, yummy tomato, and fresh crispy lettuce (I know! Crispy Lettuce!?!). The fries were cooked perfect; thick, not too salty, not very greasy, and none were overcooked. My daughter’s cheeseburger and fries were good too as if you couldn’t tell by seeing the ketchup that were dotted on the corners of her mouth.
    Hardees in Denver reminds me of Five Guys with a great burger but with a smaller price tag on your meal!

    And in true Lake Norman Foodie fashion...
    Atmosphere: 4/5
    Food: 4/5
    Service: 5/5

    Total: 13/15

    Price: $ (This meal was $8)
    Kid Friendly: Yes! Including meals just for kids with a surprise.

    Conclusion: Just because a place is a fast food restaurant doesn’t mean that it is going to be just like all the rest! I think that the Hardees in Denver, NC holds a special charm because of the patrons that come there and the atmosphere that the staff creates.

    Restaurant Info:
    Hardees in Denver
    NC Hwy 150
    Denver, NC
(704) 483-3390

  2. Hardees?? REALLY!?!?! I woulda never thought! I just always drove past it, never giving it a second thought.

    However, you've changed my mind!! I'll be sure to check it out! Thanks Jinny! :)