Friday, August 7, 2009

Pellegrino's (Troutman)

Today marks the last day of Pizza Week. And since I posted a recipe this Monday, today I'll be posting a restaurant review.

I decided upon Pellegrino's because a reader mentioned it. Also, it's in Troutman, and I hadn't been there yet. So a couple of hours ago I hopped into the car, and headed north on 77 for about 20 miles.

Pellegrino's is on N. Main Street (hwy 21 and 115), and is behind the Domino's Pizza and the Movie Gallery. I almost passed right by it, but since there was nobody behind me, I slammed on the breaks, and make a hard left turn into the parking lot.

I entered knowing what I wanted, two slices of pepperoni. So I approached the counter, and ordered. The slices were put into the oven to be re-heated, and I filled my cup with soda, and took a seat at a counter facing the kitchen.

As I waited for my slices I looked around. If I had ventured to the left, past the cashier and kitchen area, there is a dining room. The decor is nice, and on your way to the dining room, you pass a nice wine display, and a mural or two. Very nice for a pizzeria.

The slices were done quickly, and I brought them to my table. They're nice big New York style slices. Folding was necessary if I wanted to eat the slice without silverware.

The crust was nice and thin. Slightly soggy in the middle, but that's expected with NY style pizza. There was lots of good pepperoni, a decent amount of sauce, and plenty of cheese. The sauce was nice and flavorful, but I didn't notice any tomato chunks. But that aside, it's probably the best NY style pizza I've had in NC. It's pretty darn good!

In addition, I found the staff and the patrons to be very friendly. I was brought into the conversation a few times -- though I know nothing of Troutman politics. Also, while there I noticed a new pizza go into the oven; and they tossed the dough and made it right in front of me -- it's always nice to see the pizza get made, and know it's fresh.

Atmosphere: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Food: 4/5
Total: 11/15

Price: $ (I had 2 slices and a soda for under $6. Meals look more expensive: pasta around $10, and entrees range from $10 - $18)
Kid Friendly: Yes. They have a children's menu and high chairs

Conclusion: I now have a reason to go to Troutman. The pizza was the best NY style pizza I've had in the area. The atmosphere is nice, and the staff very personable and friendly. I recommend you give it a try.

Restaurant Info:
Pellegrino's Trattoria
275 N. Main Street
Troutman, NC 28166
p) 704-528-1204
f) 704-528-1207


  1. If you liked the pizza go back and try an entree...and ask John, Peter or Sal (owners) what Robert (little brother to John and Sal and an awesome baker) made for desert.

  2. So glad you found Troutman and Pellegrino's! Our favorite pizza is sausage, onions and roasted red peppers. The best! We always plan to try another combination, but it's hard to give up something so good. The entrees, salads and desserts are "to die for"! Pellegrino's is the very best Italian food we've had in 25 years -- that includes Atlanta, New York City and Boston's North End.

  3. Wow! It appears that Pellegrino's has quite the following! Thanks for posting!

    I'll be sure to go back.


  4. Try their thick crust pizza - it's the best! You are 100% correct no better pizza in NC - (arguably East Coast). Here are some other links of reviews that brought me there, so I figured I would share w/ ya'll.

  5. I love Pelligrinos! I'm headed back there tonight for dinner. This will be my fourth time there. Pizza, calzones, eggplant parm...everything I've tried has been delicious and very authentic Italian.

  6. Those Italian fellas are pretty good with their wine recommendations, too.

    By the way, "breaks" in your review should be "brakes". NASCAR fans know about that stuff, even us ladies.