Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wine Wednesday: Paso Creek Merlot

It's been several years since I last had the opportunity to visit California's Central Coast. This region's wine growing abilities were highlighted in the movie "Sideways," which was shot on location in some great vineyards. (Yes, this is one of my favorite movies)

This means, that whenever I get the chance to try a new wine from that region, I will try it if it's in my price range. This Paso Creek Merlot, was about $14, so it was on the higher side of my standard price range, but I'm glad that I got it. It's a GREAT find!

I served this 2006 Merlot with a steak, covered with grilled peppers. And I've got to say, the wine held up against this flavorful meal very well. This is a dry Merlot with a full body. It has a lingering finish that has a hint of currant and spice, with a whiff of vanilla. It was a deep red / purple, and after a brief spill, I learned that it can leave a stain like nothing else!

According to the Paso Creek Vineyards website, this Merlot was aged for at least 18 months in French and Eastern European oak. And 35% of the barrels were new. The alcohol content on the bottle says 13.5%, but the website claims 13.8%. I believe the website -- this wine packed a very good wallop!

But I've gotta say, this was a great Merlot. That's $15 well spent.

Wine Rating

Score: 4/5

Price: $$

Wine Info:
2006 Merlot
Paso Creek Vineyards
Paso Robles, California

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