Thursday, August 27, 2009

Julie and Julia Movie Makes Child a Bestseller

As you know, I recently saw and enjoyed the movie Julie & Julia. (I still encourage all foodies to see it!)

This movie had an interesting side-effect. The Julia Child book that was featured in the movie, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, now tops it's category (Hardcover Advice)on the New York Time's weekly Best-Seller list for the FIRST TIME! Link Here.

In addition, in the Paperback Advice category, Julia Child's book Julia's Kitchen Wisdom is also number 1.

That's right, a movie that came out after her death, has made Julia Child the #1 author in two categories. A feat that she never accomplished in life.

But don't feel bad for Julia. She was an accomplished author, cook, and television personality. She's somewhere now, cooking a meal to celebrate her success. And since she doesn't have to worry about cholesterol -- she's doubled the butter in every recipe! :)

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