Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saw Julie and Julia

I recently had the chance to see the movie Julie & Julia. Now I know what you're thinking... Yes, it's sorta a chick flick. And yes, there weren't any explosions.

But it was STILL good! Perhaps it's the foodie in me. Or the blogger. Both of those parts of me enjoyed this movie. It still boggles my mind how one person could cook 500+ new recipes in 365 days. That's a LOT of adapting and adjusting.

I like cooking, but I also enjoy cooking and honing and tinkering with my favorite recipes. For example, I recently added bacon and sourdough bread crumbs to one of my standard recipes -- macaroni and cheese. IT WAS AMAZING!

Nonetheless, if you're a foodie -- And let's face it, I'm not the only foodie in the Lake Norman area -- this movie is for you. So go out there, see the movie. And, repeat after me: "Butter is my friend, butter is my friend...."

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