Monday, August 10, 2009

The Coffeehouse (Denver)

This morning I'm sitting in the newest coffee shop within a 10 minute drive of my house. It's called The Coffeehouse, and is in a new strip-mall between the Midtown Sundries and the Lowe's Hardware, in Denver.

I have a real weak-spot for locally-owned coffee shops. I'll go to a Starbucks or Caribou when needed -- and sometimes I absolutely need a Caramel Mocha -- but if given the choice, I'll choose the local alternative.

So, imagine my excitement when I went to Lowe's the other day, and I found a new, locally owned, coffee shop! It was sorta like finding out that one of my old friends had moved into town. So, in an effort to get to know my old friend, I found myself sitting down over a cup of coffee.

The moment I entered, my senses approved. The aroma of coffee and pastries delighted my nose. While my eyes were treated to the warm colors on the walls, ceiling, and floors. In addition, my ears approved of the good, but not overly-hyper music playing. There's a big leather couch when you enter, and an assorted arrangement of tables, chairs, etc. To be honest, I really wanted to lay down on the couch, place the laptop on my expanding tummy (one of the hazards of this pseudo-job), and hang out for a few hours!

Now all that was left was for my taste buds to weigh-in.

I placed an order for a caramel mocha, and again heard it referred to as a "Royal Moose." The only other time I heard it called that was at the Dilworth just a short distance away. To my knowledge, the term Royal Moose -- when referring to a Caramel Mocha -- is only used in this area. But if you've heard it in other places, let me know!

I looked over their pastry display case, and was overwhelmed with choices. From muffins, to croissants, to cinnamon rolls this place has everything you need for a morning pick-me-up. Many of the pastries are pre-made, and then baked right here. While some of the muffins are made at a local bakery.

The drink was brought to my table, and I took a sip. The Royal Moose is very good! Not too much chocolate or caramel, and there is a good amount of espresso to milk. The drink perfectly hits the delicate mix of bitter, sweet, and creamy! YAAY!

In addition, my blueberry croissant was amazing. I nuked it for about 15 seconds, so it was warm. Just what I wanted! A top notch pastry -- even if it was pre-assembled. The fact that it was baked here does give it a better texture.

It was good to find this place. It was like visiting an old friend, and I know I'll be coming back to enjoy my friend's camaraderie again.

Atmosphere: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Total: 12/15

Price: $ (Small espresso drink and and pastry about $6)
Kid Friendly: Unknown. I don't see any high chairs or kids menu.

Conclusion: This place is everything a coffee shop should be. I recommend that you give it a try if you're in the area. I know that I'll be back again and again.

Restaurant Info:
The Coffehouse at Denver
7260 NC Highway 73
Suite 105
Denver, NC 28037
p) 704-827-1601


  1. I see we agree on something else. The Coffeehouse at Denver is a wonderful place to enjoy their offerings -- which includes Tony's Ice Cream -- try the almond joy. Quiet, cozy and the owners are very nice.

  2. The fact that we agree just proves that you have great taste! :)

    Also, I agree with you about the owners. Very nice. As it turns out, this is their 2nd Coffeehouse. Their first operates somewhere by Mountain Island Lake.

  3. Their iced coffee is amazing, and made even better by the coffee iced cubes!

  4. Iced Coffee Cubes?? Now, THAT's a great idea!

  5. Do they have an outside patio area? Except for winter or inclimate weather, I love to enjoy outdoor dining areas - especially if pets are welcome.

  6. They closed it down about a month ago.

  7. This location is now closed. They do have another location at Mountain Island.

  8. Yeah, I also liked iced coffee, it was great and I was there with my family!Simply awesome...
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